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            The princess lay silently on her bed, so quiet and unmoving. She was beautiful; she had long brown hair, small delicate brown eyes, and a face that glowed in the morning sun. She lay there on her bed in the highest tower of a castle farthest to the west. She was in a room made out of stone, it was so cold and depressing that she would be the only thing in there that would have any amount beauty. A ray of sunshine peaked through the curtains of the window. It shined on the eye of the princess and she woke from her slumber. She got up, brushed her hair and then walked onto the balcony. The princess stood there and let the morning wind graze her face.

            Suddenly out in the distance she heard the galloping of a horse. She saw a magnificent black stallion with a white mane. Perched atop the horse was a knight covered in gleaming gold armor. When the sun hit it, it shined so bright it could blind a hundred men. He was riding to the castle to save the princess. The princess saw this and went back into her room. She had a worried look on her face though because she knew what the knight would have to overcome to rescue her.

            The knight reached the castle but had to overcome his first obstacle. There was a moat that was invested with crocodiles. He looked at it for a minute, and started to move his horse away from it. Then he started to edge his horse to run towards it. Finally when they reached the edge, they jumped. It was a long leap, but they reached the other side. The knight got off his horse and went to the castle doors. There were many chains and locks closing the doors shut. The knight got out his sword and slashed the chains. They fell to his feet and turned to dust. He opened the door and stepped cautiously into the castle. He knew the tower the princess was in was at the other side of the castle so he would have to venture there.

            He started walking up the long flight of stairs to reach the top of the castle. He was about half way up when suddenly the stairs started to fall apart. He ran and ran with each fallen step getting closer. Finally at the last step before his great fall he jumped to reach the platform. He stretched out his arm and got hold of it. He hung on with one arm trying to bring the other arm up. The knight finally got up and continued on his quest. He wondered the halls and stumbled upon a necklace left on the floor.

            It was a gold pendant, with a silver chain, and in the middle of the pendant held the picture of the princess. The knight looked at it deeply and now realized what he was fighting for. He put the chain on himself so that whatever happens, the princess would always be where his heart was. Then the knight heard the sound of growling behind him. He turned around and there were two rabid dogs standing there growling and barking at him. Their teeth were extremely sharp and even frightened the knight; their eyes were focused on him and never left. He started to run down the hall and they followed. They chased him around the corner and were leading him to the balcony in the place where he entered the castle. The knight ran faster and jumped off. He jumped onto the great chandelier that was hanging in his path. The knight hung by the edge and lifted himself upon the chandelier. It was swaying back and forth but the dogs couldn’t get him. He went to the center and started to climb the chain by which it was hanging on. The knight was one floor away from the top, and then the chain started to break loose from the ceiling. He started to swing the chandelier back and forth until he could reach the floor nearest the top. He jumped of seconds before it could start plummeting to the ground. Relieved by what just happen the knight stepped boldly to his next challenge.

            The knight this time was cautious as to what he would have to face next. He stepped with quick feet and looked at the rooms as he walked by. All of them were empty, but they looked as though someone cleaned it up and left it. He looked into one room and passed by it, but then took another glance back. He saw the princess sitting in the room looking out the window. He was ecstatic and relieved to see that she was unharmed. He went into the room and called to her but she did not answer. He was confused and wondered if she was deaf. So, gently he put his arm on her shoulder and looked at her face. She was staring deeply into the open range. The knight continued trying to get her attention, but she sat there doing nothing.

            Then the door slammed shut. The knight was stunned and realized it was a trap, a trap set by whom? He turned to look at the princess but she disappeared. The room started to spin and turn different colors. The knight was becoming dizzy and sick of what he was seeing. In actuality the knight was going insane because a wizard standing right next to him was making all these things happen in his head. The wizard watched as he made the knight lose his mind staying away from him as to not snap him out of it. Then the wizard made the knight see horrible visions of what would happen if he didn’t rescue the princess. The knight tried very hard to figure out what was going on. He yelled and walked all around the room crashing into everything. The wizard stood there and laughed to see the knight in agonizing pain. Then the knight got just enough will to grab hold of his sword. He then slammed the end of the sword down into the floor and let out a burst of energy pushing the wizard back to the wall and leaving him unconscious.

            The knight immediately snapped out of his nightmares and got sight of the wizard lying on the floor. The knight took the drapes from the window and then tied the wizard’s hands, feet; and blindfolded him. When the knight closed the door he jammed the lock, locking the wizard inside. He then continued to find a bridge that stretched all the way to the tower where the princess was. The knight continued without caution. When he was half way there he felt rumbling under his feet. Thinking it was an earthquake he persisted forward. Unknowing to the knight the bridge was collapsing behind him, when suddenly he heard a woman’s voice yelling out to him. It was the voice of the princess urging him to run across the bridge or his fate would be like the other dead men that tried to rescue her. The knight heard her cries of danger, took one glance back to see the bridge collapsing, and then hustled as fast as he could to the other side. He got closer and closer inches away from where the collapsing would stop. Then right from under his feet the bridge collapsed. The knight jumped one final jump. The bridge finally collapsed, and the knight made it to the other side. Relieved at what just happened he took a moment to rest.

            The princess saw his triumph and was filled with elation, knowing now that nothing can stop the knight. She turned away from the window to see a dark man standing right in front of her. She got frightened, but then knew who it was. She begged the dark man to stay away from her conqueror, gripping his robe as she cried, for she knew what was going to happen next. The man pushed her away from himself and disappeared into the shadows.

            The knight was about to enter the tower when suddenly he turned to find the appearance of the dark man. He told him “If thou are here to stop me from achieving my goal then thou are a fool. I’ve gone through dogs, the wizard and past this bridge, so if thou wish to stop me, then do thy worst.” At that moment the sky turned grey, and a storm started to approach. The dark man then started to approach, the knight. The knight also started to approach the man. The dark man shot a burst of lightning from his hands, but the knight quickly deflected it using his sword. The man got closer to the knight then stomped on the floor, making the ground shake as if it were an earthquake. The knight then slammed his sword into the ground, and by using the force of the shaking, he was able to cause a gap leading to the man. At the moment the man jumped off what was remaining of the bridge, and the shaking stopped, as did the gap that was forming.

            The princess was watching from her tower at what just happened. The knight went to the end of the bridge, but no sign of the man. Suddenly he heard the princess’s voice. He turned around and the man was behind him. The man shot another bolt of lightning at the knight. It would take too long to get his sword out, so the knight jumped out of the way just before the lightning hit him. The man kept bombarding the knight with bolts of lightning, and the knight kept getting hit by them. Nowhere to run the knight was trapped.

            The princess couldn’t take it anymore. She got her hairbrush and threw it out of the window. She threw it perfectly to hit the man. He turned away from the knight and saw the princess standing at her window. He pointed to her and a thin ray of lightning hit her. Even though it was thin it burned her a little part of her arm and made her fall to the floor. The knight saw this. When he wasn’t looking the knight threw the sword at the man. It pierced his heart and made him disappear forever. The sky cleared and the storm vanished as well. The knight got up and picked up his sword. He advanced up the tower to where the princess was. The knight got out his sword and broke the lock to open the door. He rushed to the princess’s side and lifted her head. She woke and asked the knight to lift up his mask so that she could she his face. He did as she asked. The knight then gave her the necklace he found in the hall, but she said for him to keep it. The princess then asked the knight to take her out of this barren place, and the knight did as she asked.


I will have another story on my blog soon but for now, i have an idea to do this sort of long storyline that has what i guess you can call an “episode” every Friday. This would be like a drama. So you can help contribute to this by submitting  ideas. It would be greatly appreciated. Once i have the write ideas I will put them on my blog. Thank you.


Julian got up and wiped the blood from his lips, only to come back down by a kick in his stomach. Rodney and his friend were bullying him again. When they were done they turned and went away. Julian got up and limped home with all the energy he had left in his body. He found that his mom was home so he covered up his bruises so that she wouldn’t notice. He didn’t want her to notice because then she would tell the principle and he would be considered a baby. He got passed his mom who was in the kitchen. He got to his room and decided to go for a shower to wash away the blood. When he got out he looked good as new but still walked with a limp. After dinner he did his homework and then went to sleep. That night while Julian was sleeping a ghostly figure was wondering around his house. It went into Julian’s room and stood there. It put its hand over his head and saw all the bullying that Julian went through, and went into Julian’s body. The next morning while Julian was still sleeping he saw the glow of yellow eyes. At once he woke up with a fright. He was breathing heavily and started to rub his eyes together. He got out of bed and walked to the bathroom, washed his face and had his breakfast. His mom saw him and sat with him. “So honey how was your day yesterday? Since I didn’t hear you say a word at dinner last night.” Julian’s mom said. “It was good. I got a hundred on my Math test.” “Oh that’s good, I’m very proud of you son.” “Thanks mom.” When Julian was finished with his breakfast he got his book bag, said good bye to his mom and waited at the bus stop. While he was waiting he was thinking of what he saw in his head, the mysterious glow of gleaming yellow eyes. He said to himself that he must’ve just had a bad dream. Then Rodney and Kyle, his friend, spotted Julian at the bus stop. Rodney snuck up behind him and put Julian in a head lock. “Hello Julie.” Rodney asserted. “Are you still hurting like the wimp you are from yesterday.” Kyle started to punch Julian’s stomach. Julian was getting angry at both of them. Then Julian’s eyes filled with anger and frustration. He got hold of Rodney and flipped him over on his back. Rodney fell to the floor with a great force. Kyle got frightened by this, and Julian turned around to him and said “You want to join him?!” His voice got deeper and his strength increased. Kyle nervously shook his head and immediately ran away. Rodney got up and followed Kyle. When they were out of sight Julian’s eyes calmed down and his voice returned to normal. Something happened that he wasn’t sure about and also scared him. After he snapped back to normal the bus was already behind him waiting for him to get on. He got on and sat with his friend, Ricky. He didn’t want to tell them about what just happened because then they might think he’s weird and not hang with him any more. “Hey Julian, what’s up?” “Julian, Julian, hey buddy what’s going on?” “Uh, oh I didn’t hear you for a second, umm… nothing really.” “Oh because you looked blanked out there. You must be thinking about something. I know what it is.” “You do?!” “Yea, you saw the new girl when you were getting on the bus. If you do decide to go after her good luck because she’s already had 2 boyfriends and it didn’t workout so well.” “The new girl? Oh yea I saw her uh I don’t know if I should, and how do you know she had 2 boyfriends.” “Well I talked to her of course.” After all this conversation they reached school. When Julian got off the bus he was watching the new girl and all the guys that were staring at her as she walked to the school. He thought in his head “Maybe I shouldn’t go after her, because she’s got to be seeing all these guys and saying ‘In your dreams’, so then what shot do I have. Nah I’ll stay back.” While he was walking in the school halls to get a drink of water he saw one of the juniors holding up a freshman against the lockers. He tried to avoid it but couldn’t resist trying to be the hero he dreams about. “Hey! Put him down!” yelled Julian. “Well if it isn’t little Julie, what brings you to the juniors side of the school.” said the junior. “I saw you bullying this kid here, now like I said, put him down.” “What if I don’t want to!?” demanded the junior. He immediately put down the freshman and grabbed Julian. When he grabbed him, Julian’s eyes filled with rage and turned yellow this time. He lifted the junior and threw him against the lockers. His body left a dent in most of them. The freshman looked at Julian to thank him, but ran away after he saw the look on his face. Julian then lost the yellow in his eyes and calmed down. When he snapped out of it he got look of the junior on the floor moaning in pain. Julian all the time was unaware of what was going on. Shocked by this he ran away and hid somewhere in the school. When it came time to leave school everyone was getting out. Julian on the other hand slipped out the back door with his hood on. He was almost out of the parking lot when he heard the back door open. He quickly looked back, only to see the vice principle looking around; most likely for Julian. Julian turned away and starts walking faster. “Hey you, stop right there!!!!!!” the vice principle shouted. At that instance Julian ran without looking back. He ran and ran, but stopped after realizing the vice principle wasn’t following him. He looked back and there were just people walking like any other day. He turned back and saw a girl walking his way. He focused hard on her and it was Christina, one of his classmates. He walked her way and kept his head down. Tactically he bumped into her shoulder and turned too apologized as if he didn’t know it was her. “Oh hey Christina, what are you doing here?” Julian asked. “I’m going “home”.” replied Christina, with a cocky attitude. “Oh, yea well me too.” “Hey you heard what happened to Ricky?” Christina asked. “Who’s Ricky?” “A junior, he got slammed into the lockers by someone. Who ever slammed him though did it for the right reason, he was bullying a freshman.” “Yea I heard about it, sucks for him” Right when Christina said that the spirit in Julian felt something. “Yea so where were you, I didn’t see you for the rest of day.” asked Christina. “Oh I was locked in the bathroom. The janitor came at the end of the day and let me out.” Julian was so embarrassed. “Oh, wow, sucks for you. Alright I got to go, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Christina walked off. Julian continued home after that. When he got home he saw there was a new message on his answering machine. He pressed the button to hear it. It was the school calling about what he did to Ricky. It said that he was suspended for one week. After hearing the message he quickly erased it. Figuring that he needed help he left his house with a note for his mom saying that he went out with a couple friends and would be back soon. Julian thought the best help would be to see a physic. He looked in the phone book and found one relatively close to where he lived. Julian went there hoping she could explain all this. He went through the door and saw her already with someone, so Julian just sat on a nearby chair. After she was done talking with that person Julian was next. “Hello young boy what can Madam Paella do for you?” said the physic. “Well I was wondering if you can help me something. You see I have been experiencing these feelings of hate recently. It’s weird because I get so mad, I sense my voice deepens and my eyes fill with anger but after that I don’t feel anything.” “Alright, put out your hands.” Julian laid his hands on the table. Madam Paella took Julian’s hands and held them in hers. She concentrated hard and began to sense something. At that moment she could sense the presence of an evil spirit that invaded Julian’s body. She saw a dark, scary place full of fire. Then she saw a throne with a devilish looking person sitting in it. Finally she saw the glow of yellow eyes, the same eyes Julian saw. Madam Paella was shocked at what she had seen and immediately let go of Julian’s hands. “What? What did you see?” nervously asked Julian. “I have seen evil” and that’s all she said. She gave Julian some spiritual rocks, so at night before he goes to sleep to put them circling his bed. Madam Paella says that should keep the spirit dormant. Julian thanked her and left. Troubled and confused Julian hoped that these rocks would help him. That night he did exactly what Madam Paella said and went to sleep. All that time he had these visions of what Madam Paella saw. The next day feeling as though the rocks worked he left his house. His mother the whole time was unaware that he had been suspended. Knowing he had no where to go he decided to go back to school because something was pulling he there. When he got there it was like he didn’t care that he got suspended, he walked right in to school. He passed by the principle’s office, with the principle completely noticing him. The principle caught up with Julian and told him “What are you doing here, you’re suspended.” The only thing Julian said was “I need to be here” in a deep voice. “Yea, whatever you’re out of here.” Right then something happened. Something was phasing through the floor across from where Julian and the principle were. It was a pale looking man with long white hair, with a dark robe on. On his sides were two armored people holding staffs who looked like his guards. The white man spoke. “Hello Naze.” Then Julian spoke, but it wasn’t him, it was the spirit inside him. “What are you doing here?” “I just want you to come home son, after all you did leave me.” “Yea, cause I wanted to get away from you. You insulted me, saying that I’ll never be like you ‘King of the Devils’.” “Yes, I know and I deeply am sorry for that, and when I say that, I mean it. Now let’s go home.” “No! I’m never coming home.” “Naze, why don’t you come out of that human and let me see your face again. I seem to have forgotten how it looks since it’s been a few years.” Then the figure started to come out of Julian. He was a spiky haired blonde who had the same robe as his father. Julian then came to his senses and saw the conflict happening before him. “Ah, that’s better.” Satan then shot a burst fire from his fingertips hoping to capture Naze, but Naze quickly blocked it. Naze then went after his father and both grappled with each other. “I know what you’ve been doing up here. You’ve been helping these mortals.” “Yes, I’ve changed father, but that’s something you will not understand.” Julian now understands why Naze entered his body, after seeing all the bullying he went through he thought he could help. He went to try and help Naze but was stopped by the guards. This was something that he and his father had to deal with. Satan sees Julian wanting to help and thinks he could use this. He tosses Naze to the side and starts to approach Julian. He starts to back pedal but stumbles. Satan shoots another burst of fire from his hands. It was shot only to be blocked again by Naze. Naze starts to push the fire back into his father’s hands. The second he does though he signals the guards to take them back home. Naze fell right into his trap. The guards slammed the ends of the staffs and they Satan, and Naze started to go down. Naze turned back to look at Julian he said “I’ll be back!” They then phased completely through the floor. Before he knew it Naze was gone. 14 years later: Naze defeats his father and becomes king of the devils. Julian becomes a manager of a company that ships goods overseas. One day Julian was working in his office when suddenly he felt a presence in his body. He looked as though he was in pain. When he got hold of himself, his eyes turned yellow, his voice deepened and he said “Hello Julian.”


Robby Manson didn’t know what to expect, with going to a new school, with new teachers. He started out the day with his morning schedule. He got up with the usual groan, and brushed his teeth. He got dressed with his low-cut jeans and peace symbol shirt. Robby ate breakfast, checked if he had everything for school and went off into the world of studying, homework and friends. He saw the bus coming, and looked at it with great magnificence. It was big and yellow and had the words James P. Morris Middle School on the side. The bus was packed with kids who had their eyes on Robby as they watched him get on the bus. He made his way down the aisle and saw their faces, and their eyes never leaving him. They finally turned away when the bus started to go in motion. Robby had sat in the back next to a kid, with a black crew cut hair cut; his shirt was red and black; and he looked like he was the top dog.
“Hi I’m Tops” he said, while reaching out his hand as a sign of welcome.
“I’m Robby” returning the generous gesture.
“So you’re the new kid, you’re going to like it here” Tops said.
“Why’s that?” Robby asked.
“Well we have this thing called order at good ole J.P. Morris. We like to keep things straight forward and simple.” Robby could tell by the way he talks that he must run the school. His suspicions lead him to ask, “So why are you called Tops?”
This question intrigued and excited him because he liked to boast about his fame. “They call me Tops because I am known as the top dog around here. The kids love me and the older kids tremble at my sight. I’m student council president, class president, and captain of the football team. In Robby’s mind he pictures the school with this gigantic sized Tops on the top. “Hey Robby stick with me and you’ll be fine.” Robby didn’t know what to say, this was his first friend and he sure didn’t want to lose him.
They finally reached the school. Everyone was hurrying to get off the bus to meet their friends whom they haven’t seen over the summer. Robby stayed behind Tops as they made they’re way to get off. The school was big and it was impressive in Robby’s eyes. They made their way to the school yard where Tops caught up with his long time friends. “Robby this is Screwy and Cork. These guys are my right hand men, they help me run things.” Robby was again confused by the labeling names of Tops’ friends. There was no time for greeting because the bell had rung, and there was a stampede going through the massive doors of the school. Robby was about to rush over there when Tops pulled him aside.
Shaking his head Tops says, “Robby, Robby, Robby, there’s no need to rush into that hustle and bustle. Who knows what will happen if you got run over by a jock! We have an easier way to beat the rush.” Then Tops and his men took Robby to the side of the school where there was an entrance leading to the basement. Cork opened the door and there was a staircase going down into the shadows. Robby was almost frightened to go in but he didn’t want to show it in front of the guys. “So this is the stairs leading to the basement. We’ll go down here, then that will lead us to the hall of our first class.” With all this talk they were losing precious time, so they hurried into the basement and came out the door leading to the hall. They got to their first class just as the bell rang.
Everyone was taking there seats, and getting out their books. Tops, Screwy, and Cork sat in the back, while Robby sat in the middle. The teacher was writing notes on the board when suddenly Robby noticed a folded piece of paper had fallen right next to him. He scanned the room to see who threw it; he took a quick glance at Tops and saw him looking at him. He picked up the paper while the teacher’s back was turned. It read:
“Robby meet me at the bus stop right after school, me and the guys are going to show you something and don’t be late!”
Robby wasn’t sure what Tops was going to show him, but he would meet them anyway. During lunch Tops and the guys had sat at one table and Robby sat at another. A couple of guys sat down with Robby but completely ignored him. Robby also didn’t want to get mixed in with them because they didn’t look like good people to hang around with. When lunch was over the class had gym. The coach made them run a few laps then do some stretches. The coach decided they would play dodge ball. Throughout the entire game Robby was the main target. He realized that nobody wanted him there, but he wasn’t going to let that get him down.
Finally the day ended and Robby could get out of that torturous place. As he said he would Robby went straight to the bus stop and waited for Tops and the guys. After about five minutes Tops, Screwy, and Cork appeared. “Hey Tops, so what did you want to show me?”
“Well it’s this warehouse where you’ll usually find us.” So Tops took Robby to a warehouse a couple blocks away from the school. He couldn’t believe his eyes what he saw. There was a couch, a pool table, and a TV. It was no better than his house but it was good enough. After that he got the bus and went home. The next day was a really chilly one so he wore a scarf his mother had sewn him. He caught up with Tops and the guys and started to talk with them.
“Hey Robby that’s a really nice scarf.” says Screwy.
“Thanks my mom knit it for me. I don’t know about you guys but it seems really cold today, don’t you Tops?” Tops didn’t answer, he just stood there looking at Robby’s scarf. Cork called his name and he immediately snapped out of it.
“Huh, oh yeah it’s really chilly.” The bell rang and they headed through their secret entrance. Then the principle made an announcement, they were going to practice the fire drill procedure. Everyone was on the edge of their seats ready to go, then the bell rang and everyone was heading out of their class to get to the school yard. The procedure went smoothly and the classes went on with their schedules. The end of the day came and the guys went to the warehouse to hang out. Everyone except Tops, he didn’t come and Screwy or Cork didn’t know why.
Robby arrived at school, but something strange was going on. He saw all the kids surrounding the flag pole. Robby walked over and met with Tops, Screwy, and Cork. They didn’t know what was going on, either. Suddenly the principle walked out of the school and was shocked at what he saw. At the top pf the flagpole was a white flag, and painted on it were the words “James P. Morris Middle School sucks!!!! And so does the principle that runs it into the ground!!!!!”
The principle was enraged with anger. He wanted to find out who had done this, and punish them swiftly and without hast. While he was thinking this he noticed a piece of fabric on the ground next to the flagpole. He picked it up and in it; it had read the name Robby Manson. The first thing he did was scream out Robby’s name and took him into his office. He had a long talk with him, but since he was new to this school he let it slide with Robby’s first warning. He dismissed Robby and he went to his next class.
When he entered the classroom all the kids were looking at him in disgust. Their eyes followed him all the way to the backseat of the class, since it was the only seat open. He was recalling the talk he had with the principle, and he forgot one thing, he forgot to tell him that he didn’t do it. With all the commotion that was going on it slipped his mind. He was thinking about going back to the principle to straighten things out but he needed proof, which was something Robby didn’t have. After school he wanted to go to the warehouse but decided not to. He thought the guys wouldn’t be the same after all this. So Robby went home. No later after his parents came home, the phone rang. It was the principle calling to tell about Robby’s little stunt. After his parents heard about this, they were shocked and disappointed. Robby claimed that he didn’t do this, but his parents still had a vigil over him.
The next day was no surprise to Robby; he knew he was going to be treated differently until this whole thing blew over. So he decided to lay low for a while and not draw attention to himself. He sat in the back of all his classes, didn’t answer any questions unless he was called upon, at lunch and sat by himself, in gym he decided not to play, and for the rest of the day he went unnoticed. At the end of the day he decided to go to the warehouse this time. When he went there Tops, Screwy, and Cork were already there waiting for him. He put his book bag down and sat on the couch. The guys tried to make some conversation with him.
“Hey Robby, how come you didn’t sit in the middle of the class today?”
“Well Cork after what happened yesterday I didn’t want anybody to notice me. It’s so weird though I didn’t do it; I mean I could never do that.”
“We know that Robby, it’s just that nobody really knows who did it, and your scarf was found at the scene of the crime.” said Tops.
“Yeah and that’s the weird thing about it, I left my scarf in my locker, I don’t know how it got there.”
The guys went back and forth with this conversation, but they couldn’t arrive at an answer. Feeling depressed Robby went home. When he arrived at his house, he set down his book bag, went to his desk and got out several pieces of paper. For two hours he spent thinking of ways his scarf got to the flag pole. Then he stumbled at an answer. The school was completely empty when they had the fire drill. At the time the culprit must have broken into his locker and stolen his scarf and at the end of the day raised the flag and left the scarf there. It was genius; even Robby had to admit that.
That night something happened though. His mom was late and it was already nine-thirty. He couldn’t recall his mom having to do anything that night. Once his dad got home Robby told him that mom hadn’t come home yet. Worried about her, his dad took his car and went looking for her. He came home at about eleven, with devastating news.
“Robby, moms’ been in a car accident.” says his dad. Horrified by the news, Robby broke down into tears. “Well is she alive?!” His father just stood there with his eyes closed, and his head towards the ground. Robby deciphered the message, and ran to his room and shut the door. He stayed there with the lights off, curled up in a corner, and cried himself to sleep.
He woke up at about six o’ clock, got up, ate breakfast, got dressed, and got the bus. All that time him and his father were silent. He made his way to the back of the bus. He had a blank expression on his face, almost like his soul was stolen from him. He told Tops and the guys about what had happened.
“Wow Robby I’m really sorry” said Cork.
“Man that’s bad. Are you okay Robby?” Tops asked.
“Yeah I’m okay. It’s not your fault.”
The bell rang at that instant and they headed to class. When they had gym the boys changed in their room and the girls changed in theirs. Tops didn’t take gym today though; he stayed there on the bleachers and did some of his homework. The gym teacher went to his office to wait for everybody to get changed. The boys came and later the girls came out. Today there were going to play basketball, as predicted Robby was the last one to be picked. The teams were ready and then started playing. Robby wasn’t good at basketball because he had never played before. Tops was amused by Robby playing basketball cause he always did something wrong. With everybody running back and forth Robby hardly noticed that Tops disappeared. He noticed when he tripped on the floor and everyone was running ahead of him. He thought to himself that he must’ve gone to the bathroom. At the end of gym everyone got changed and came out. Tops was already waiting in the gym with his book bag on and ready to go. The day ended and everyone had gone home. Robby, Tops, Screwy, and Cork had gone to the warehouse to relax after a tiring day. They started talking about how Robby was dealing with his mother’s death.
“I’m not sure what’s going to happen now. My mom is gone, and I’m not sure how my dad is going to be.” Robby elaborated. “Well we’ll help you get through it, whenever you need us.” said Tops.
The next day the school had an assembly in the middle of the day. The principle was presenting a slideshow on the dangers of bringing guns to school. Everyone was bored out of their minds but then in the middle of the slideshow a video appeared. Everyone was shocked at what they saw. It was a video of the girls changing in the locker room. All the girls screamed and the guys enjoyed it before the principle could get to the projector, the video finished and revealed a slide. It said “Brought to you by Robby Manson. Hope you enjoyed it.” Every one turned and looked at Robby, the girls with their disgusted faces and the guys with their somewhat disgusted faces. The vice principle pulled Robby out of his seat and took him to the principles office.
In the office the principle was outraged at this offense. Robby pleaded that he didn’t do it, but the principle was too furious to believe him. He gave Robby two weeks of detention after school and it started that day. Robby walked into the detention room. He saw only a few kids there and the teacher sitting at his desk reading a book. Nobody said nothing, but just looked at Robby as he walked into the room. He took a seat in the back and waited for the bell to ring.
When he finally got out he went straight home. When he got there, he saw his dad looking at the mail. He tried to get up to his room as quietly as ever, but he was still caught by his father.
“But dad I already have detention for two weeks why do you have to ground me?!”
“It’s for your own good Robby. I still can not believe you went into the girl’s locker room and recorded them. Are you ok son?”
“Yes dad I’m ok and I didn’t do it!”
His father was too upset to deal with him. So Robby’s dad sent him to his room. Robby lay down on his bed and looked at the ceiling. He closed his eyes and started talking to his mom, spiritually. “Mom, why is this happening to me? Who is doing this to me? I just want them to stop and leave me alone.” While he was in school he was completely isolated by everyone. Before class could end he asked the teacher if he could go to the bathroom. She allowed him and he took his backpack with him. What Robby was really doing was going to the gym early so he wouldn’t have to see anyone in the halls. He was making his way to the gym. He saw through the window that the lights were off. He reached out his hand to open the door when he heard the sound of gun shots.
Robby froze with fear, he then checked his person to see if he was shot but nothing. He rushed into the gym and saw a guy running out. The lights turned on and Robby was horrified at what he saw. There on the floor was the dead body of Screwy. He was shot right in the arm. Robby was afraid to run over there. He knew that the whole school must have heard the gunshots so he ran into the halls at the other side of the school. As soon as Robby disappeared all the classes started filing into the gym. They too were also shocked and horrified. Some students eyes filled with tears and others filled with anger especially the principles’ because the first person he suspected was Robby.
Robby ran into the halls, with his eyes flushed with sadness. He stopped, and then noticed that the halls lights were off. He saw a shadowy figure at the end of the hall from where he was standing. Robby turned around and ran around the corner with his heart beating like a drummer pounding hard on the drums. He stopped again and saw the shadowy figure again this time approaching him slowly. Robby started back peddling and stumbled on his feet.
Robby’s face filled with horror as he saw the body come out of the shadows.
“Tops! It was you who shot Screwy?!” screamed Robby.
“Yes Robby it was me! Why you ask, well its simple Robby, I hate you. It all started when my right hand men started befriending you. You were the new kid, nobody should befriend you. When my friends started to talk to you, well that just pissed me off!”
“So you were just lying to me, you were never really my friend?”
“I was using you. The new kid would be the most obvious and easiest to frame. You don’t deserve to be in this school.” Tops held the gun facing Robby. Out of the shadows came another person. It was Cork. He wrestled with Tops to the ground trying to get the gun away from him. He told Robby to run, but Robby couldn’t do anything since he was paralyzed with fear. Tops got to his feet turned around and shot Cork. He lowered his gun and paused for a while.
Robby stared at Tops looking at him and saw somebody in him. It was the devil. Robby understood now, Tops was the devil. Then he got to his feet without Tops noticing him. He snatched the gun away from Tops and made him get down on his knees. Tops got down and raised his arms to his side and closed his eyes. He started speaking.
“Well done Robby, well done. You managed to get me down on me knees, but guess what you’re just as worse as me.” Robby’s eyes widened and he saw into Tops’ words. He was right, if Robby shot Tops he would be nothing but the cold blooded killer right in front of him. Robby realized this and lowered the gun. He took out the rounds and kicked them along the floor and threw the gun behind him. While Tops eyes were still closed Robby took him by his arms and walked him into the gym. Tops then confessed to everything. He was not only expelled but he was also put in an asylum where he would spend fifteen years there trying to get his life back on track.
Robby’s only friends were gone and his worst friend was never to be seen. The next year Robby’s life was back on track. He sat at the back of the bus and saw a new kid get on the bus. He went to the back and Robby introduced himself.


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